Australian Gold Herbal Therapy Lip Balm - Sunscreen SPF 30, 4.2g / .15 oz

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A lovely tanned face but sore, dry lips? They really need just that little bit extra protection. This is a handy, clear stick with protection factor 30 (SPF 30) especially for your lips. Keep your lips in optimal condition! Goes on clear with with UVA and UVB protection - great for all the family. Helps prevent, soothe, heal and protect dry, chapped and sunburned lips. Offers 30 times your natural sunburn protection. May help prevent premature aging and some forms of skin cancer due to overexposure to the sun. New Creamy Orange, Mint Flavor UVA / UVB Protection Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Net wt. .15 oz.

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