Disney Traditions by Jim Shore Wood Carved Snow White Figurine

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The Fairest of All and emodiment of innocence Snow White curtsies in front of the Seven adoring Dwarfs while her jealous and villainous stepmother, the Evil Queen, looms over the gathering grasping the red box intended to hold Snow White's heart in this "cast of characters" piece commemorating Walt Disney's and the world's very first feature length animated film. Designed by renowned folk artist Jim Shore, the work is crafted of hand-painted and patterned stone resin with the look of chipped and carved wood. The whole piece has the appearance of being carved from a single log with a progression of bark and rough wood on the base with the characters and scene emerging on the top. As a bonus on the back of the figurine, the Evil Queen's transformation into the Hag appears holding the poisoned apple over a witch's brew. Look for others in this "Wood Carved" series in Disney Traditions.

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